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Lara examined the person she'd just saved. She was a young girl, no more than 18, with short black hair and tanned skin. Her face bore a collection of freckles and a pair of doey brown eyes. She wore nothing upon her person except a single studded earring in one ear and short shirt that was draped over her chest. However, Lara's lime green eyes were immediately drawn to the girl's more unusual features. Her lower body was completely encased in dark, hairy fur and instead of feet, she possessed a pair of hoofs, like a goats. Atop her head were two small horns that curled backwards slightly, and protruding from her bottom was a little hairy tail which wagged gratefully.

'Your a satyr.' Uttered Lara quietly, she was still half amazed by the sight.

The satyr though, didn't seem to be pleased by Lara's gobsmacked gaze. 'Yeah, I am,' she replied gruffly, 'and you're, what, some sort of goo girl?' 

Lara blushed, she'd forgotten how strange her own appearance must be to others and here she was ogling this poor girl's hooves. 'Yes, you right, I'm sorry', she grinned apologetically before pointing downwards. 'How's your leg?'

'Its ok, I think'
said the satyr girl. She wriggled her foot slightly. 'Nothing broken, it'll probably be a bit bruised for a few days, but I can deal with that.' she frowned slightly as she prodded her leg. 'Thanks for saving me, I don't know how long I would have been under there if you hadn't shown up.' 

Lara smiled softly. 'It's no problem, just glad to know that your safe.' It really was pure luck that the girl's leg hadn't been smashed by the falling tree, it must have just been balanced above the knee and merely served to pin her in place. There was an awkward pause.

'Well' continued the satyr girl. 'I don't really have anything to repay you with, I'm traveling kind of light.'

Lara's eyes widen. 'Oh no, no, I don't want a reward or anything. I'm just, you know, happy to help.' she stuttered. The satyr was definitely carrying light, in fact she wasn't carrying anything at all, besides the shirt on her back.

The satyr nodded and the silence returned. Lara scratched her fingers nervously, this really wasn't how her rescue was suppose to have gone. She'd imagined being fawned over and congratulated, but the truth was that it was just two of them, standing alone, awkwardly in the forest. It was obvious that the satyr girl wanted to leave as quickly as necessary, she clearly wasn't much for conversation, or for being around other people in general. Finally, the satyr girl got to her feet (or hooves rather) and brushed herself down.

'Well, time is pressing and I best be heading on. So, really, thank you so much,', she held out her hand for a shake.

'Lara, my name's Lara, and you are?' replied Lara, as she wrapped her own slimy fingers around the satyr girl's hand and shook.

'Ah' gasped the satyr, she had been surprised by the coldness of Lara's touch. 'I'm Jenny.' She said through gritted teeth while she slowly withdrew from Lara's sticky grip. Gooey mucus now covered her hand, and Jenny looked at it with a repulsed look.

Just as she was about to head off, Lara stopped her with a question. 'So where are you going, Jenny?'

Jenny looked nervous. 'Oh, just into the forest, well further into the forest.' 

Lara cocked her head suspiciously. The girl was hiding something. 'Your heading into the forest, all alone?'

Jenny's eyes glanced about wildly. 'Yeah, so, your in the woods on your own too'

She had a point. 'Maybe we both need some company, I could walk with you for a bit', suggested Lara.

Jenny did her best to look calm and shrugged her shoulders. 'Look, I don't really know you, but its a free country I guess, so do whatever ever you want. But I'm heading into the forest and don't expect me to wait around for you.' With that, the satyr girl turned and headed off into the forest, completely defenseless and alone.

Lara didn't really like Jenny's rude tone, but there was clearly something troubling her and she would be helpless out there in the woods. But, then again thought Lara, she was a satyr, this was her natural habitat. Whatever was bothering the girl was clearly none of her business. But, as she watched Jenny fade further and further down the forest path, limping on her bruised knee, Lara couldn't help but feel a twinge of concern.

1. Lara heads after Jenny and tries to find out more about her
2. Lara decides its not her problem and heads along the forest road, looking to preform more good deeds
3. Suddenly, a larger, and very angry, male satyr bursts from the undergrowth

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